Stop Moving Leaves from the Front Yard to the Back Yard!

Tagged: IEM Office 365

I've been hearing a lot lately about the challenges moving from Exchange On-Prem to an Office 365 deployment.  At Integro, we did a cold cutover from Lotus Notes to Office 365, leaving our legacy baggage behind (but properly classified, managed and accessible).  Our friends at Transvault have a nice solution for this kind of migration and Integro can help you implement it.  However, I still ask the question, "Why move the leaves from the front yard to the backyard?"  To give proper credit, this poignant quip was first phrased by my buddy Jim Morganstern.  It so aptly applies to this challenge with email migration.  You see at Integro, with IEM, we're on a mission to eliminate ROT from your email environment.  Storage is cheap, but this problem proves why maintaining excessive ROT on your mail servers is expensive.  With IEM, our customers are seeing a reduction of up to 85% or more of their total mail volume.  However, it's selective reduction, eliminating the unnecessary and useless, while keeping the valuable and important.  But the key element with IEM is that you, the email end user, are in in total control.  We utilize machine learning technology to reduce the burden without subverting your critical judgment.  Your judgement helps the system improve over time.  Giving email users ease of use and control is the key to acceptance and to ensure that the 20% of important records and business documents are maintained and readily accessible.  The nice thing is that IEM works for both Exchange On-Prem, Office 365 and Domino environments.  We also have some technology in the works to cleanup your legacy content using our patent-pending approach we call "Auto-classification with Human Oversight".  Contact us to learn more about how we can help eliminate the mess and stop moving leaves from your front yard to your backyard: